Arrival in D. C.

Today I landed in Washington D. C. at about 4:00. I had no idea how huge Dulles is! I had to take a tram just to get to baggage claim. I managed to make it to the hotel by about 6:00. The room is nice, and I even get free breakfast tomorrow. I met with three other students in the SALAM program for dinner, Matthew, Delilah, and Michelle. They are all cool; I’m looking forward to hanging out with them for the next six weeks.

On the plane from Greenville to D.C.

Tomorrow, I need to check out of the room by 12:00 and go to orientation at 1:00 (I don’t really know what that entails). I’m not sure what will happen until the evening, but at 9:00 I’ll board the 13-hour flight to Doha, Qatar. Speaking of which, I think that Thirteen-Hour Flight would be a really good band name.

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