Day 0

This is the first real post in the blog. I decided that I should keep a journal of what’s going on while I’m here in Oman, so I also thought I might as well make it public! A lot of my friends and family have asked for me to post what I’m up to, so rather than crowd Facebook and give Zuckerberg all of my pictures and information, I’ll keep it here. I’m planning on doing daily (?) journal entries as well as blog posts about miscellaneous stuff.

So, tomorrow I will fly to Washington, D.C., where I’ll stay overnight. Then Thursday I’ll fly to Doha, Qatar, and then to Muscat, Oman. I’m almost packed, but still not completely done. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Either way, I’m excited and a little bit nervous. Not so nervous about safety, actually, but how my Arabic ability will compare to everyone’s expectations. We’ll see when I meet everyone Thursday.

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  1. I love this idea! I hope you post lots of pictures of your adventures! Also props to Jon for the sweet blog name. Have a safe flight tomorrow!

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